Family and Friends,

It’s that time of year again!! Our yearly fundraising for Ashley’s Kicks for Kids in memory of our dear Ashley has begun. This is the time where we ask all those who are able and willing to give to Ashley’s Kicks for Kids. When you give your generous donation, one hundred percent of your monetary donation goes directly in buying new tennis shoes for Ashley’s Kicks for Kids, and then we distribute to local students in need in Sioux Falls. We are a federally recognized tax exempt charitable organization, under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are tax deductible. When we receive the monetary donations I go online and into area stores, buy new tennis shoes, and get the sizes we need, I inventory the shoes, label them with a picture of Ashley, and a bracelet that says “Ashley’s Kicks for Kids” and “Never Give Up”. When they pick out their new pair of shoes they also get a new pair of socks with their new shoes. This year we are not doing an open house, instead we will direct that money right into buying more shoes. If you would like to buy shoes instead of a monetary donation, we need sizes 10 Toddler to 7 grade school size in girls and boys and I will pick them up directly from you. If you would like to donate monetary donations, which works great as it allows me to go buy exactly what we need, you can goto and click on the donate button and donate through Paypal. Or if you would rather send a check, please send to Ashley’s Kicks for Kids, 2404 E Stanton Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 and make check directly out to Ashley’s Kicks for Kids. Again 100% of the donations goto AKFK’s.

We started Ashley’s Kicks for Kids in December of 2014. Over the last 6 years we have donated around 175 pairs of shoes each year to the Jane Adams Immersion Center, to Anne Sullivan Elementary PE department, several hundred to Cleveland Elementary School the last 4 years, a 3rd grade classroom at Hayward Elementary the last two years and this summer we were able to partner with the Salvation Army in Madison SD in their back to school event, in giving over 200 shoes to area Lake County children in need.

Ashley’s Kicks for kids has brought our family much joy in giving students a new pair of tennis shoes. I found this quote from Ashley in a paper she had written in her first year of college and it is very fitting and telling of her beautiful soul. “I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED AS SOMEONE GREAT, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.” Ashley Ann Engel. I think what we have done in starting Ashley’s Kicks for Kids continues on Ashley being remembered as an amazingly wonderful young woman. Nothing more, nothing less. Please consider donating to Ashley’s Kicks and give a new pair of tennis shoes to a student in need and feel the joy of giving.

Joel, Jolene and Allison Engel
Joel III, Amanda, Lila, and Joel IV Engel