December 7, Sunday 4:00 to 6:00 pm
2404 E Stanton Drive Sioux Falls SD 57103

Family and Friends,

We our having our second annual open house for Ashley's Kicks for Kids. Join us for Hors d' oeuvres and Christmas treats and we ask that you bring a new pair of girls or boys tennis shoes in sizes 13 to 6.

Last year every student at the Jane Adams Immersion Center received a new pair of tennis shoes from your gifts of shoes in memory of Ashley. This fall we were able to donate 65 pair of shoes to Cleveland Elementary students. We are hoping that every year we can make our donation from Ashley's Kicks for Kids bigger and bigger and contribute to the Immersion Center along with other schools and children in need and my hope and dream is to be able to reach the Reservations and give the Native American students there a new pair of shoes.

We are now recognized by the state of South Dakota as a non profit organization and are awaiting our federal 501(c)(3) designation which will enable those who donate to have a tax deduction for their contributions of money and shoes. Our website will have pictures and videos of the donations of shoes to the different schools and also information on where you can donate and for those who are not able to attend or live far away we also have a link through Paypal where you can donate money and it will go directly in an account for Ashley's Kicks for Kids where we then will go buy the shoes with your proceeds. 

The joys of giving our endless!